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SPF Seniorerna - The Swedish Association for Senior Citizens - is a non-profit organisation for all people entitled to any form of pension in Sweden. Our approx. 260 000 members are divided into 27 divisions and almost 800 local communities. All members being unique, we do share a belief in every human´s right to make choices concerning your own life.

  • Chairman Eva Eriksson

SPF Seniorerna is a highly active social movement. As one of Sweden's largest meeting places for pensioners, we offer a wide variety of recreational and fitness activities, from skiing to bridge.

SPF Seniorerna is also a strong voice in Swedish politics. We exert considerable influence over decision-makers and political bodies on issues such as housing, healthcare, and economic policies. We stand independent from all political parties and religious communities, and are governed democratically by our members. We choose a chairman at our congress held every three years. Since June 2017 our elected chairman is Ms. Eva Eriksson, who is very active in Swedish media.

Swedish pensioners are our sole concern. We never stand still or falter in our opinions or values. We offer all our members our support and knowledge, on issues from social welfare to judicial help.

Do you want to know more about what we do and how to become a member? Please send an e-mail to info@spfseniorerna.se with any and all questions!

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